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If you have no time for exercise, you'd better reserve a lot of time for disease. - Dr. Michael Colgan
More than 70 of the diseases we all fear are caused by free radicals and oxidative stress. Read More
Losing Weight
Huge issue. 60% of the people are overweight. Diabetes II is an epidemic. People can't lose weight. Want to know why? Read More

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Exercise and Working Out

It is pretty common knowledge that exercising is good for you. Keeps you young. This page is for people who are interested in doing something and not sure what to do.

There are lots of resources on working out on the internet, maybe the world doesn't need one more, but I have been working out for many years and have some insights worth sharing. Besides, you can't talk about health and nutrition without including something on exercise.

When you are young and invulnerable you don't think about aging or that the patterns you are setting will determine how well you age. Think of it this way, you are in training right now for the rest of your life. The choices you make from this point on are very important and will determine your health for years to come. Remember this, degenerative diseases take years to develop. It takes cancer or heart disease or diabetes 15-20-30 years to show.

You are in training right now for the rest of your life

Excercise at any level is very important. You don't have to be a world class athlete but you have to be active and do active things on a regular basis.

Here is what you can find in this section:

bulletWhy being active is so important - Ever had an injury that prevented you from using a specific set of muscles like a leg or arm? Remember how quickly the muscles deteriorated and how long it took to get the muscles back? Your body is meant to be active. Read more.
bulletWorking out doesn't have to mean pumping iron - There are lots of low impact type activities you can do. Being active and doing something is important. On this page are some things anyone can do.
bulletPumping Iron - Arnold did it and look what he got, lots of property in California, some movie jobs and now the governor of the state. I can't promise that but I will give you an overview, some basic tips and links to using free weights and machines. You can tone muscles and not necessarily build more unless that is your objective. We'll discuss both levels. Read more.
bulletYoga & Tai Chi - I would recommend Yoga and/or Tai Chi to anyone. Find a good teacher and you can skip the pumping iron section. People have done these for 1,000's of years and for good reason. I have practiced Yoga and Tai Chi for many years and can share some insights and explain why I recommend either. Read More.
bulletThe power of proper nutrition - you have to feed your body properly. Like any machine you have to take care of it. But unlike other machines, you only have one body and spare parts are hard to find. We'll talk about some why this is more than a good idea. Read More.

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