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Not too long ago miracle drugs were developed that literally saved millions of lives. If not for the vision and perseverance of giants of the past people would be dying of things we take for granted today as curable. Most of the leading causes of death of the prior century have all but been eliminated.

That has changed. The path of developing life saving drugs for the betterment of humanity has given way to the drive for huge profits. How we have allowed corporations to evolve in to mega-giants with only one purpose, profitability, is our own fault. But that is another subject. This page is to discuss the questionable influences the huge drug companies of the US and Europe have on the health and well being of the people of this planet. 

I realize many of you may consider this to be a controversial topic. I ask that you read this information then give me your opinion. I arrived at these conclusions after doing a lot of research on the topic. You make your own decision, but do so from an informed perspective.

Key Points:

bulletSuddenly Sick - a series run in the Seattle Times about the influences drug companies have on establishing the guidelines for doctors in order to get them to prescribe drugs to you. You have to read this. Click here to get this pdf.
bulletCommon Medications Poison The Elderly One third of all emergency room admissions for drug interactions are for three prescription drugs. Coumadin is responsible for over 17% of those admissions. What is Coumadin and what kind of a threat is it to elderly people?
bulletThe Cholesterol Conspiracy - Most people that die from heart disease have normal cholesterol. Why are statin drugs a multi-billion dollar industry when what they "cure" is a symptom not the issue? What is the issue?
bulletMedical Schools - Ever wonder how drugs and doctors became so inseparable? There is an interesting history of how this marriage occurred. It isn't what you think. Read this for a real eye opener involving John D. Rockefeller & Andrew Carnegie, a whole bunch of money, some drug companies, the American Medical Association, a lot of medical colleges, and a couple of brothers named Flexner.
bulletThe Conspiracy against Supplements - Supplements can keep you healthy. Why is there so much misinformation being put out that they are worthless or can kill you? Who is putting this information out? Guess...
bulletThe FDA and the Drug Companies - Who is regulating whom? 
bulletCancer is Big Business - There are more people making a living off cancer than there are people with cancer. There is no medical cure for cancer but there are lots of things to spend money on to treat it. Many of the cures will kill you before the cancer does.
bulletDiabetes is Big Business - More than $150 billion dollars have been spent in the last ten years on diabetes. Less than 5% of that amount was spent on prevention. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness today and a raging epidemic. Money well spent.
bulletHomocysteine levels can cause coronary artery disease & stroke - Studies show people with these diseases have high levels of homocysteine and low levels of folic acid, B12 and B6. If you take vitamin B supplements it will lower your homocysteine levels. There are no large profits in people taking B supplements. Next time you have an annual exam and a blood test, ask them to check your homocysteine levels. The lab tech will probably not know what you are talking about, yet there is clinical proof of a direct relationship between that level and coronary problems.
bulletThe Human Body is a miraculous thing with a powerful way of healing itself - if you take care of and feed it properly so your immune system can do what it is suppose to do
bulletThere is no such thing as a safe drug - all drugs have side effects. You should read those before you take a drug. Prescribing a drug for you should not be your doctor's first choice. Changing to a healthy lifestyle is a safer alternative than giving you a drug and very likely more effective. 
bulletInteresting marriage of companies - Pharmacia Corporation was created in April 2000 through the merger of Pharmacia & Upjohn with the Monsanto Company and its G.D. Searle unit. Pharmacia employs 59,000 people worldwide and has research, manufacturing and administrative sales operations in more than 60 countries. Can you imagine what that could mean to have a drug company linked to a chemical company that also in involved with genetic engineering?

"The most dramatic improvements in longevity over the last couple of hundred years have been through public health not through medicine. But public health is notoriously unprofitable. People don't make a profit preventing disease. They make a profit through medicine - treating critical, advanced stages of disease." - Dr Kilmer McCully

In ancient China, people paid their doctors when they were healthy. If they got sick their doctor wasn't doing the job so he didn't get paid. Think about that. If you are healthy you don't go to the doctor or hospital or use prescription drugs. Those businesses don't get paid if you are healthy. They make money if you are sick. They get paid for a long time if you have a chronic disease that lasts for a long time.



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