Donabee Thoughts

This web pages stakes out my little piece of the internet. Along the information highway, not far from the beaten path, in Hicksville, Ohio, is

This web is page is for and about me and my business. Here you can read about me and what I care about. You can also view my business services and products.

Who Am I:

I am a long time resident of Hicksville, Ohio. I graduated from the High School some years ago and I still live here. I'm a:

  • a mother, sister, aunt, daughter and friend

  • an artist, designer, and an animal person

  • someone who loves  movies and books.

What's Included:

  • Health and Wellness - Things we have learned about staying healthy. Lots of information. Well worth the visit.
  • Photos of things that are important to me
  • A blog or personal journal for what's happening in my life
  • A Guest Book for visitor comments
  • Links to other web pages I like or feel are important
  • Lots of information about some unique products and services I offer

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