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I have my own home based business. I believe in offering only products of high value. From this page you can view and read about the products Donabee offers.

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Who am I Professionally:

I officially retired some years ago, but never really retired. I started working with computers and web pages over 20 years ago. It started as a hobby but you know how that goes when you know more than others do about a topic. People asked me for help and information so it turned into a business. How can I help you or your business? 

I can teach you about:

  • Windows and what you need to know to effectively use Windows 98, XP and Windows 2000.

  • How to use software like MS Office

  • Web pages and internet security - A MUST TODAY!

Classes and training available by appointment only.  Call or email to schedule.

Web Pages:

The internet has changed many things about our lives and obtaining information. Now you can set at your computer and read about all kinds of information. You can also purchase products much more conveniently. We can help you and/or your business:

  • Assist you with setting up your own personal web page
  • Develop a strategy for having your own business web page. We also build pages to help your internet presence. How can a web page help your profits? Use the above link to read more.
  • E-Commerce to grow your sales, locally or nationally
  • Pages for personal journal pages (blog)
  • Hosting those pages at an excellent price

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I believe everyone should take supplements and vitamins. It would be nice if we would get all we need from our food. That is not that case any longer. Many of us do not eat right, or consume too much processed food that offer minimal minerals and vitamins. And in these times anti-oxidants are not an option. But what product(s) are best. After years of looking I have a strong recommendation to  the best supplement line.  And you can purchase these unique products from me on-line. Click to read more.

If you want information about health & wellness, I have a lot of general information that I have collected over the years in my health & wellness section. Click here to go the the Donabee Health & Wellness section. Store:

I have selected some books I recommend for reading at my store. Many of these are books about nutrition and health by leading authorities on the topic such as Dr. Ray D Strand, Ladd McNamara MD and Lyle McWilliams's Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. Amazon carries these books at a great price. Click here to go to the store.

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