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Business Web Page Ideas

Web pages are a unique invention of this generation. Who would have thought that a system of communication developed by our military to keep the lines open post a nuclear holocaust would have such a "positive" impact on our culture. Everyone should have a web page. It's like a post office box on the internet highway. A place to hang your shingle to tell the world you exist and whatever else you want to share. A web page is a great way to share or communicate with other people that also happen to share an interest with you.

If you have a business a web page is a MUST. All businesses must have a presence on the web. A web page is a 24 hour, 7 day a week billboard. Businesses can use a web page to:

  • Simply post hours they are open with contact information and whatever else you want to share
  • Show specials of the week or day
  • Display inventory and give potential customers a better idea of what it is you do
  • E-Commerce - makes doing business with you much more efficient. Reach a much wider audience for your products and services
  • Customer service - Save phone calls and give your customers 24 hour access to your company information.
  • Show your customers you are in tune with the web
  • Have your own email address like donna@donabee.com that shows your business name and that you own.

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How can I help you:

I have been building web pages for over 20 years. I am in touch with what the web is all about. And I work with a team out of Minneapolis that does what I need help doing. No web page job is too big or too small. With our own hosting and server we can more efficiently help you with your web page project.

What does it cost for web page?

Building a web page takes experience, time and communication with the buyer. Once we understand what it is that you want to accomplish with your web page we can determine about how much time is it going to take to build. We do offer specially priced packages for the budget minded or the do it yourselfer. Click below for more information.

Our web services:

  • Just plain hosting of your web page and/or email

  • The individual

  • The small business just wanting a simple web page

  • The business that is ready for more complex web page uses and/or E-commerce

Web Pages:

What kind of web page is best for you?

  • I'm an individual and need some help with doing a better web page for myself or family
  • Pages for personal journal pages (blogs)
  • I have a business and want to have an inexpensive web page
  • I want to do a serious web page to increase my sales or customer service
  • I have a large budget and want an awesome web page for my business or special need
  • What the heck is hosting and what are your advantages?
  • Webs pages I have worked with
  • Our Web Page Templates

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