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How a business can use a web page

I am going to expand more on this page to show some uses a business might have for a web page.

Do business through the internet

A thoughtful and tasteful web page can only enhance a business's image. Your customers will be looking for your web page. Will it be there? Will they be attracted to stay for awhile? Will it bring them back?

  • Customers can read about your business, your hours, find contact information setting at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And yes they do that more and more. Younger people don't know any other way.
  • You can communicate with customers about your business, your philosophy, your history, and your products & services
  • Enhance your customer service. Provide additional information about your products to potential buyers and existing customers. 

Is doing business on the internet save?

Today the technology makes it safer than signing your credit card for lunch in a restaurant. If you are buying make sure you are doing business with a reputable company. If you are selling be sure to display a "e-commerce security" and explain your security measures to give your buyers comfort.

Some Web Page Ideas for small businesses:

Here are a hand full of ideas on how a web page can enhance your profits.

  • Provide e-commerce and ship your products to customers. This can expand your markets beyond Hicksville
  • Show your specials of the week or the day. 
  • Provide coupons that are only available from your web page
  • Show your entire inventory (this can also be an excellent inventory tool for inside your business.)
  • The internet is designed for customer service.  What kind of questions do people ask you during business hours? Put those on your web page. "So how do I fix this if your product does that? Is this a replaceable item? What does it cost to order a replacement? Can I do it online, have you ship it to me and save me a trip? How do I install that? When am I suppose to do this?"
  • Schedule appointments on line and save time. Customers can actually go on line, look at the opening and schedule their own appointment.

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