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Type II Diabetes is an epidemic today and yet it is 100% preventable. It is a dietary issue that has gotten out of control. You can control it with diet. Read More.
More than 70 of the diseases we all fear are caused by free radicals and oxidative stress. Read More
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Huge issue. 60% of the people are overweight. Diabetes II is an epidemic. People can't lose weight. Want to know why? Read More

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Who are we?
















Who we are?

You could be asking who put these pages together and where are they getting this information. Here we are.

The Players at Health & Wellness

Donabee is Donna Begley. This is her website. It was her suggestion that we put this information on the internet. Donna is a grandmother living in NW Ohio with her three cats and Tiny, her Chihuahua. Donna grew up in rural Ohio.

Dennis Begley is the second member of this team. Dennis is a 50 something peaceful warrior. He started on a quest for health information in college during the late 60's reformation/Vietnam War. Macrobiotics food and healthy eating were popular topics on the college campuses during those years. After college Dennis discovered he suffered from Celiac Sprue, an intolerance to gluten. When he ended up in the hospital from intense pain in his colon he was told by his Doctor he had spastic colitis. And it was a result of the stress of being a salesman and not exercising properly. "Here take these pills and exercise to work out the stress." Of course, the pills did not end the problem. At best they covered up the symptoms. "Pizza would put me out of commission for days. Little did I know what the real cause was."

Years later that he learned by accident, reading a book a friend had from Prevention Magazine, that spastic colitis is caused by an intolerance to gluten. What the heck is gluten and how do you end up eating it? That started a massive quest for knowledge. About this same time the dear friend with the Prevention magazine, Peggy Redmond, learned she had chronic fatigue. Together, they exchanged lots of information and resources. Peggy introduced Dennis to materials on diet including Food Combining, foods that fight. This was also where Dennis learned about the Tao and its ancient philosophies. It was also during this time he started a quest for knowledge about health and realized maybe Doctors don't have all answers.

Dennis retired from the insurance business after 30 years. During those years he watched as his clients developed more and more health issues. When he first started writing life and health insurance things like allergies were rare. Over those years, it became very common to have clients tell about the allergies they developed as an adult and almost common place to hear about children with allergies and all sorts of health issues. What made that change?

Why did we do this page of information?

We had lots of information and resources on health and wellness. Both of have had an almost life long interest in the topics. Watching as the health of our friends, family and neighbors took turns to the worse. Not long ago, Dennis had the opportunity to hear Dr. Ray Strand give a talk in Minneapolis, MN, on "What your doctor doesn't know about nutritional medicine may be killing you". Here was a real doctor telling what he learned after 30 years of practicing regular medicine, giving out as many prescriptions as the next doctor. He said prescriptions are a last resort, not the first. If your body is feed properly with the optimum vitamins and minerals in addition to good foods, your body will be healthy. And even more earth shaking, free radicals are a major cause of almost all degenerative diseases. Dr. Strand's talk pulled everything together. We eagerly studied Dr. Strand's materials and followed his lead to a leading supplement company he worked with, USANA Health Sciences. We had been looking for a top quality supplement/vitamin for years. How do you know which one is the right one? Now we did. Both of us have seen and felt amazing changes.

The path was obvious, we had to share this information with as many people as we could. It was an obligation. It was a moral commitment. We knew that many people would turn there heads and not want to hear this, but there are many that want to know how to stay healthy. People like you, who are reading this right now, are who we built this page for.

Working with USANA, Dr. Strand and the others involved lead us to more information. Much of it you could find yourself on the internet or in a library if you knew where to look or what to look for. We made the decision to use this web page as a resource. A central place you can find this information. From here you can learn more from the links and references. We realize that much of this information is contrary to accepted and established sources. Too bad it is that way. But the only way to change the path of sickness we are on is to get the information to the people. Change of this path can only come from the bottom up. We all have to say "we know the truth and we are not going to take it anymore."

Democracy begins with you, after all. Tag - you're it! ... Thom Hartmann

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There is one disclaimer. Even though we give this information to you with love, we do have some companies that we recommend their products. And as any good web page that wants to pay for its own existence, we do make a profit off any sales of those products. Most of the products we have on this web page as also available to you as a business as well.

USANA Health Sciences is a good example of a line of health products we highly recommend. We use them ourselves. This company is very unique is what they offer and the quality of the products. We are associated with USANA and make a referral fee from any purchases of the products. We hope that is not perceived as any conflict, it is not intended to be so. The closer you look at USANA the more you will like the company. W are proud to be associated with USANA and Dr. Myron Wentz, the founder.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This web page or any products found here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you find information here that is of interest to you, take it to your medical doctor for conversation and evaluation. Do not stop taking any prescription drugs without consulting with your medical doctor.

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